The progression of technology modified the traditional gaming practices and elevated the stardom of the online video game industry. Now, Video gaming has grown into a favorite activity for people of every age. Many kids and youngsters kill ample time rivaling them. The video game industry is worth trillions of dollars, hauling in more cash than DVDs and films. These games have been displayed very sophisticatedly and practically. Some video games on connectivity with the Internet allow kids and youths to play online with strange grown-ups and companions.

However, a plethora of Millenials and zoomers have got addicted to these games to a proportion that parent-child relationship is being ruined. Similarly, parents need to find some ways to obstruct their kids from getting addicted to video gaming. Now, the best toys for kids are not restricted to tangible toys with the emergence of online games. Mini In the box reviews showed that the brand received a great evaluation and customers are delighted with the mobile accessory purchase they make from the brand.

Video Gaming as unhealthy activity

People are killing a lot more time sticking to digital screens. Video gaming is a fun and methodical element of the adolescent world. But there are a small fraction of youngsters who have trouble managing the time they consume gaming. Unhealthy video gaming activity can lead to a gaming disorder, and mostly it was observed in boys. Video gaming is an unhealthy activity that is played at the expense of homework, sports, sleep, and relationship with pals and loved ones. Some kids develop depression, distress, offensiveness, nervousness, and issues by too much usage of the phone. Every adolescent is defenseless to the effects of addiction to video gaming but the ones with ADHD (Attention-Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder) are more exposed to its consequences.

The video gaming industry has introduced reward contingencies suchlike gambling to attract the legions in this circle to use their all intelligence in these healthy games. Corporations that design video games oftentimes engage psychologists in game designing to keep players stick to the game for a long time.You can notice the change in behavior if a child gets addicted to gaming such as loss of interest in everything except gaming, adamant to quit the activity, lies about video playing timings, choose gaming to lighten the mood.

Video Gaming and parent-child relationship

As we know that video gaming has badly affected the parent-child relationship since children find video games fascinating more than spending time with the family. The problem is huge, but the execution of better parenting approaches can solve this issue. Parents should participate in the activities with their kids that could help in lowering the aggressive behavior and increasing prosocial response in children. Another option is understanding your child’s behavior rather than taking action. Discuss with your child and understand them as a person.


Video Gaming is today’s youth’s most popular activity and it’s a fun activity as far as it doesn’t compromise the health and the parent-child relationships. Parents should keep an eye on the children’s activities and the time they are consuming on video games.